Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bet you are wondering when I started quilting. Back around 1982 a friend got me to go to a couple of classes. We did a small block, Bumblebee, hand pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted. I went to FL on a vacation that February and tried quilting it on the way down. Couldn't see. You know...the late 40s thing, arms aren't long enough. So I decided I needed my glasses changed. Found out I had glaucoma. I consider that little wall hanging my lucky piece. I use drops in my eyes nightly and have had little vision change since that time.

Then I put the quilting aside for genealogy. But in 1999 my cousin showed me some quilting she was doing. I told her "I don't have time to do that." Within a short time I was piecing a quilt, another quilt, and then another one.

After 29 years as a town clerk here in New York, I retired in 2003. Since then I spend a bit of each day sewing or doing something quilt related.

I belong to two guilds, Triangle Guild and Chenango Piecemakers. We are very fortunate to have a number of excellent quilters in each group.

One of our members is Marilyn Belford. Check out her website.

Not only is Marilyn talented, she's helpful to our beginners and a lot of fun to be with.

The very first night cousin Ella & myself went to Triangle Guild Marilyn brought in her first portrait quilt. It was of her parents. Ella whispered to me "Let's get out of here. We're out of our class."

Enough about me. I need to put up a profile, add pictures, etc. Like quilting, I want to try it all.



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