Friday, June 5, 2009


Somedays we feel like this.

Just want to sit on a bench

and dish the dirt with friends.

This quilt was exhibited at the

show in Harrisburg in Sept. 2006.

I bet those ladies are holding their

purses firmly in their laps so muggers

grab them. Just realized that LOL could be Little Old Ladies, not Laughing Out Loud.

It's been a busy week. Not enough time for sewing. Today I had to exert some effort and do a bit of housekeeping, laundry and pay bills. Later I'll go to the grocery store. I must be crazy, grocery shop on Friday.

Yesterday the Campfire Girls met at Jeanie's house in Lisle. I showed them how to make the folded purses. We had our lunch and went over Rt. 79 to Slaterville and out in the country to Jo-Lee's shop. I bought 20 yards of fabric at $3.00 per yard. I have the backing for my Nickel Bricks quilt.

Now to finish sewing the top together and finish the border. I have all the bricks mortared together in four brick sections and some are in sixteen brick sections so I have a good idea of how gorgeous it is.

When I went to the drugstore on Monday, Carol asked me where the burial place of Charles Johnson and his wife Martha Young was. I told her "that's my family and they are buried in Chenango Valley Cemetery." She called me that night and put me in touch with ladies in CA who submit pictures and information to the Find A Grave - new site. I have to go take pictures and put them online too. Martha was the half sister of my great grandfather John W. Young. One of the CA ladies is a descendant of the Johnson family and is tracking down all of them.

I sent this site to my cousin Bobbie in NM who was quite enthused by the site.

Yesterday I mentioned this find to June who said "My grandfather was Charles Johnson who lived on Merrills Creek Road. We think there is a connection. It will be fun to hear back from Sassy to see what she knows.

Got to go get the sheets out of the dryer. Five loads of laundry today.

So many quilts to make and ancestors to find.

Keep on stitching,



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