Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy, Busy

My computer acquired a Trojan Horse virus last week. It is in the shop being fixed. I bought a laptop and was unable to set it up. Grandson Aaron came by on Sunday and had it done in a few minutes. He went to the modem from the cable and said a few magic words and came in here and plugged it it. Hocus pocus....or whatever. I have never had a computer I could not set up before. He is a handy young man to have around.
Judy, Sue, JoAnne and myself enjoyed the Broome County Sleigh Ride, Christmas in July Shop Hop last Friday. It is an inspiration to see all the quilts on display in the shops, see the new fabrics and gadgets that we can't live without and those patterns.
On Monday and Tuesday I pressed three tops and backings. Yesterday they all went to Quilted Crow in Sanitaria Springs to be machine quilted.
Then I took a bag of small scraps to Chenango Valley State Park to be used in their crafts programs.
Interestingly, my great grandparents settled in Sanitaria Springs in 1920 when they came from Wisconsin with their family.
I have declared today a sewing day. Think I'll work on something small after pressing those big tops. Maybe a potholder.
We have picked some Sweet 100 tomatoes and some cukes from my patio garden.
Last week a TV reporter was at the Local History & Genealogy Center at the Broome County Public Library when I was there volunteering. After she interviewed Gerald Smith, the County Historian, she came back to us and said she wanted someone with family pictures to talk with. I told her I had family pictures and a family history that had been bound and put on the shelves there. She interviewed me and took a lot of footage of the book and some of my pictures.
That night my pictures appeared along with her story and my hand was shown holding the book.
Viewers were promised that on Thursday night the story of a Chenango Bridge woman would be shown.
On Thursday night they saw a Chenango Forks woman would tell her story of tracing ancestors.
I do know where I live even if the TV people don't.
The interview was shown and my daughter found a blog with the interview.

Hopefully this will get you to the site. I was blinking so much that night because I had gotten something in my eye as I drove out onto the street leaving here. A tiny piece of leaf came out after a few applications of eye drops the next morning. If I'd taken my glasses off I could have fanned the reporter.



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