Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween

These place mats are being enjoyed by SweetOldBob and myself on our table. They are a generous 15" x 18 1/2" size.

I was thinking about Halloween when I was in grade school. We would dress up and parade thru the high school rooms.

As a child I didn't go out trick or treating as we were 1/2 mile from the nearest neighbors. But somehow I never missed that.

As an adult I went with a friend to trick or treat several people. She was dressed as Elvira and went to the door of a male friend of mine. I stood around the corner & heard his 10 year old daughter say "Dad, isn't she awfully old to be out trick or treating."

We made a couple of male dummies (no challenge to do that) and propped them in back of her husband's truck and drove thru town.

Then there were the Halloween parties at my cousin's house. A co-worker of hers came dressed as Cinderella and had a compact of fairy/magic dust. He would carefully open the compact and - poof - blow it all over us.

We had a Halloween party and my brother and husband concocted Pumpkin Jack. They had a grand time testing the recipe. It took a few tries before they had the correct mixture. They served it in a hollowed out pumpkin with a spigot. That was the year someone went upstairs and sprayed the toilet seat with shave cream and unscrewed the light bulb. My sister was the next bathroom guest. Her screams reverberated down the street. We think she's forgiven us.


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