Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mile A Minute Class

Did my Mile a Minute class with about 10 ladies today. Some people can't/don't think outside of the box. One whined but she made a block. I used little pieces of scraps, triangle, odd shapes, whatever but was a tiny bit careful with color selection. I got a kick out of the women picking scraps. One coordinated all of hers. Some were mostly rectangles but I showed them how to cut a wonky block so they were fine. Mile a Minute blocks look like a crazy quilt. The group got enough blocks to sash to make a lap quilt.
I'll take a picture of a top I made with 6 1/2" MAM blocks and sashed with purple. Forgot to take my camera today. Could have gotten pictures of a bunch of cottonheads to show you. (Q Tips up North, Batty.)
Still working on the quilt labels for show. I'm down to the wire. Give me an hour or two and they'll be done. (Unless I delete them like I did the first 2 pages of the guild newsletter yesterday.)


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