Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Show

We had a great quilt show today. We had way over 200 visitors to the show. We are a small guild, under 40 members in a small rural community.
The bed turning was a big success. We had a combination of 9 quilts, old and new. People were interested in the history of the quilts. One was found in a house a member purchased 30 years ago. The unknown pattern was pink, green and white. Another was a top that was hand pieced probably in the late 1800s. One of our members saved it from being thrown out. Another was my baby quilt that Grandma Gaylord made me in 1938. It is pink with white bunnies with black eyes. She handquilted it. The other old quilt was a tulip pattern in lavender & yellow with green leaves on a white background.
It started raining hard this afternoon in time for us to load our vehicles. I drove home in the rain but it let up some when I started unloading the car. I had a table, antique chairs that we used for vingettes, a coat tree and of course those bags and bags of STUFF quilters have.
Now to post a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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