Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tonight I'm busy packing to go to a quilt retreat at Casowasco, on Owasco Lake. We always have a great time there. What to take? A ton of fabric, sewing machine, tools of the trade, heavy duty extension cord (25 ft.), snack, clothing.
The temperature is dropping tonight so I've brought in my geraniums as they got quite wet today and a large planter from the living room window sill. When I come home I'll pull the geraniums out and put them in brown grocery bags. They'll winter in my daughter's cellar until about March 1 when I'll pot them up again. Then I'll take the asparagus fern and Swedish Ivy out of the other planter and repot.
As I brought the plants inside I was thinking about my Mom and her green thumb. She had two north windows in her kitchen on the farm. She kept her African violets in those windows. Other windows held geraniums, bloodleaf, coleus and impatiens. She was of the 'break off a piece and stick it in water to root' school. And root they did.
Til next time, try not to do the frog stitch too many times. Ripit! Ripit!


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