Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally Done

Do you heave a big sigh of relief when you finish a project. I did that a little while ago. In May my daughter emailed to see if I would be interested in making a weighted quilt for one of her co-workers. The woman has a daughter with a sensory perception problem. We met. I said yes. Various things kept us from getting together. Finally it was partially done. And this week the inside with the poly pellets was completed. This morning I finished the fleece cover. The girl picked a pretty pink and white fleece for her cover. The weighted part is velcroed inside the fleece cover. It will be picked up tonight. Hopefully it will help.

As I have a grandson with Aspergers Syndrome I know how much these children need all the help they can get. The picture at top is of grandson Aaron at his graduation party in 2007.

Now I need to shorten living room curtains. Oops, think I need a trip to shop for thread. And I heard that shop has those neat handles for long rulers. I need one. Tried one several times recently and it helped me keep the ruler in place without stressing out my hand and arm.

As my cousin says "ROAD TRIP."


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