Saturday, December 6, 2008

A little of this and not much of that

Owasco Lake
in October
showing the
mist rising
off the lake
I've been using this picture as a screen saver this week. It was taken the October weekend we were at a quilt retreat.
This week I've been playing with Nickel Bricks from the Loose Change book. I took the book to Triangle Guild where it was passed around and several members wrote down the name. One said she doesn't usually sucumb to books but this one was different.
Triangle Guild held their annual Christmas party Thursday night. We had a potluck supper and had a short business meeting followed by a hectic game of Left Right. Several members were found to be holding 2 fat quarters during the game, and not just once. Marilyn excells as the reader. We finally got straightened out and finished the game to shouts of laughter. (Left Right games can be found online.)


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