Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weather Permitting

Tonight we have a prediction of ice and snow which should start in a few hours. This is the time of year when we here in upstate New York say "weather permitting" when we plan to go out.

Last week I missed two parties, one in Willet and the other for Chenango Piecemakers Guild. The guild party will be rescheduled. It's our sometimes January party.

Tomorrow is the party for the Broome County Library Local History & Genealogy Center's volunteers. Weather permitting, I will go.

We have a supply of ice melting stuff in a covered pail ready if needed.

My cousin has to walk uphill a bit to her horse barn to feed Sinbad and Winchester. Yesterday morning she said it was a glare of ice. She uses a ski pole to navigate over the ice. She also has cleats to fasten on over her boots. She hasn't tried them yet so I am waiting to hear how they work.

Do any of you remember the days in winter when we listened to the radio in the morning to see if we had a "snow day". Now the local TV stations broadcast school closings and delays.

The Campfire Girls came here yesterday for lunch and cards and to celebrate Lois Ann's birthday. Yes, that's her picture at the top of this post.
In another post I'll tell you about a picnic at Lois Ann's house in 2007 and an unexpected visitor.


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