Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Birthdays

This month I think we only have one family birthday. That is of my son in law Eric Dingler on July 19th.

Eric is a great mechanic and part owner of All Points Auto Service on Rt. 12A. He's kept my rattle trap cars running for many years. Besides that he's a great guy with a sense of humor and is a generally all around good person.

Tonight is the annual July picnic of Chenango Piecemakers at Boname Park at Oxford. Dish to pass. I'm in a quandry. Can't decide on what to make.

Sewing is not inviting right now. I'm busy reading. The latest is Belva Plain's last book Heartwood. Wonderful story.

Got to go look at my cookbooks to see what I want to cook or bake.

Had a momentary minute of panic this morning. Where were my donation blocks. I didn't give them to Triangle Guild last week, did I? No I did not. Found them on a shelf.



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