Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Donation Quilts

Both of my guilds make donation quilts from 12" blocks. The quilts are given to many organizations. Last Christmas some went to families at a local school district, Rural Services and several other groups. When it was my turn to provide the BOM for Piecemakers, the Red and White Quilt Exhibit has recently closed in New York City. I thought we should make a red and white quilt in honor of that show. I chose Double Square. Co-President Nancy asked for more red and white blocks so we could have several of those quilts to give away. This is my second block. This morning I found a fabric with 1" red hearts. That will be the red for my third block.

Triangle Guild, in honor of the 4th of July, chose a red, white and blue Calico Puzzle. The red in this block is in the center square, red stars.

This was Lorane's choice for the Piecemakers' July BOM, Greek Cross with Flower. I had just a bit of the pansy fabric for the center and a pale yellow with green and a bit of lavender for the inner bars. I think I used the pansy fabric in Becki's bridal shower quilt.

I'm sitting here looking at a Disappearing 4 Patch that looked strange to me. Had to get a ruler to measure. I made a cut 1/4" wider on one piece. It's 8" square and will make a good large potholder. Some of my potholders look a bit shabby so it will make a great replacement. The kitchen witch won't care if it is off kilter.

We always hang a potholder on the dishwasher so we know the dishes are dirty.

I was having a lot of trouble with the dishwasher. The glasses and cups were not sparkly clean. They had detergent residue on the outsides. I was at Lowes the other day and asked the front end gals if they had something to clean a dishwasher. One sent me back to appliances and told me the product would be there. I bought Dishwasher Magic for $4.17. I ran a cycle in the empty dishwasher and then washed a load of dishes. Wonderful. Our water is hard.

Coffee pot demands a cleaning about once a month. This Hamilton Beach sends out a beep that is very annoying. I was searching the kitchen to see where the noise came from. Saw the flashing signal and sound. Promptly unplugged it and got out the white vinegar. Presto. A happy coffee pot.



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