Monday, July 25, 2011

Open House

We had an open house for the Huntington cousins to meet Bobbie who was here for a family reunion up in Otsego County the day before. Gilda and Bobbie.

Bob who enjoyed the food.

Front L to, Bobbie, Mark Liddle, Eric & Michelle Dingler, Jack Glover & my brother Bruce Gaylord. Gilda got us organized finally.

Matt Ward, Gilda's husband, Eric & Mickey (my daughter), Jack (my son), Mark & Tonie Liddle, in back brother Bruce. Everyone was milling around before Gilda the photographernazi got us organized.

We had lots of good food. I baked a met loaf & scalloped potatoes, set out relish tray and cheeses and crackers. Others brought salads, sweets and more cheese & crackers. It was a hot day & we sat outside and some stayed inside where it was cooler.

The canopy I got a few days before worked out great. Jack read directions and put it up. Mickey and Eric read directions and took it down. It's in a little blue bag with wheels that can easily stored.

We've been staying inside during the heat wave. Now that the temperature is lowering I will be binding a quilt. Yes, my Sue Had an Idea Jacob's Ladder came home and is quilted beautifully by Peg Springstead at Quilted Crow.

It's a bit dark out and rain is predicted. We need it so badly.



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