Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Hi there, We've been like most of the country, shivering. Cousin Ella Mae reported -8 on her hill outside of Chenango Forks. Early this afternoon we had greatly diminished water pressure. So I called the emergency phone number for our townhouses. The maintenance man called right back to tell me that the Town of Chenango had a broken water main on Kattelville Road so the water was shut off. Water was restored by 5 p.m.
Today I cut 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips from scraps. I'm well over half way done sewing the Nickel Bricks. Now I need to cut more 1 1/2" black strips. I think I'll make that quilt larger than the book Loose Change shows.
If I keep making small quilts, I'll have a wardrobe of them when they send me off to the nursing home. Can't you picture it now. "Ms Chris, which laprobe will it be today. But it's not Christmas. How about the pink one?" They'll test my mind by which quilt I order for the week.
I'm happy to report I have been working on a new genealogy. Nearly two weeks ago I had a call from a woman in California with questions about the Hurlbut family who lived in Barker. I did know that family and even better, Dad worked for one of the family for a few years at the time I was born.
So far I have traced the line to 1610 in England. I am working specifically on the branch that settled in Barker in late 1700s or very early 1800s. John Hurlbut is reputed to have come up the Tioughnioga River is a dugout canoe. Now that I have found that he had nine children, I wonder how the rest of the family got to the place where they settled just above Halfway Brook. Perhaps they came in a bit later. The farm is still owned by the family.
Stay warm and safe in this wintery weather.


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