Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another good sewing day

Here's June and

her husband Sam.

June showed us

how to make

the Hexagon

Table Topper.

She created a monster when she taught me. I have one completely finished and 3 tops done. Two of them were done thinking outside the box. Fun and easy. Thanks, June.

Sam has surgery on March 5th for a blocked carotid artery. Please say a prayer for both of them.

We had about 2" of snow yesterday afternoon and evening. Today we had snow showers and some high winds. It seems good to have longer days as spring approaches.

Yesterday the Campfire Girls went to Quilted Crow, a shop in Sanitaria Springs. Then they came here and we had a light lunch and did show & tell. Afterwards we played a couple games of Rummikub. Ella Mae beat the pants off all of us. A quick trip to the clothing bank ended our afternoon together. I dropped off a bag and found some clothing for Bob's grandchildren. And I even brought home a Disney beach chair for one of the little ones.

Today was a good sewing day. The top of a table runner for Bob's coffee table is done. Tomorrow I hope to layer the 3 HTTs and the table runner. Then I'll take more pictures and post.

Macaroni and cheese made from Jeanie's recipe is in the oven.


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