Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Whole Darn Family.........

That was not a tornado late Sunday afternoon in the Southern Tier of NY. That was Belva going back to Ohio. She's in the bottom picture wearing green. From the top: my old brother Bruce, then cousin Lois from Spencerport, then Belva from Ohio.
If I counted correctly we had 25 descendants of Clark Ray Huntington and Pirlie Dorcie Blondheim (our grandparents) attending this reunion. I'm the oldest of the 20 cousins.
We met at Chenango Valley State Park on a slightly overcast day. The rain held off for quite a while but around 3:30 p.m. we had a hard storm, thunder, lightning and heavy rain. That didn't drive us away. We finally broke up around 5 p.m. with plans to meet someplace next year.
Yesterday Bobbie (from New Mexico) and I drove around to several cemeteries, one out in a field off Page Brook Road where the gnats and flies were thick. Some of our Johnson family are buried there. Jesse Johnson and his wife Rhoda Baker (4x great grandparents) and some of their children are buried a few miles back down the road in the Lower Page Brok Cemetery. My connection to this family, their daughter Dorothy and her husband Richard Laskey went to Wisconsin in 1844 with their 12 children.
Today Bobbie is driving to Albany and flying home tomorrow. Email is wonderful for us to keep in touch thru the year.
We stopped in Greene for lunch yesterday and I was surprised to see my oldest grandaughter Nikki & her husband Mike come in. They had water in their cellar the night before. Mike had cut his foot and went for stitches. They planned to go to the village board meeting last night to see what could be done about the drainage problem as this is the third time they have had to pump their cellar.
In November 2006 during the flash flood they had well over 5 feet of water in that cellar. They had to replace the water heater and furnace motor.
Time to fix supper.


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