Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Happened to my Post

The planter on my living room windowsill has Tiny Toonias, a new hybrid Alyssum and Hysop. I'm not sure of the name of the silver leafed plant but it adds an interesting contrast to the other plants. The Alyssum is so sweet. I sometimes smell it thru the open window or when I walk down the sidewalk. The leaf of the hysop is also fragrant.

On our patio I have geaniums that were purchased at least 3 years ago. I yank them out of the dirt in the fall, place in brown paper bags and store in my daughter's cellar. About the beginning of March I repot and they reward me with lovely blooms all summer.

We have three tomato plants in pots, Patio, Roma and Early Girl. All have wire cages in the pots and all three have tomatoes.

Lettuce (mesculan mix) grows in a pot and I've been picking that for a month. Herbs (basil, parsley and rosemary) are in another pot. The parsley and rosemary are last year's plants. I wintered them in our kitchen in front of the slider door.

I also have cucumbers and yellow squash in pots. They seem to grow by leaps and bounds.

The Crown of Thorns cactus is out there as well, enjoying the sunshine.

Today I need to make some donation and hugs blocks for quilt projects. Sewing has taken a back seat this year. Somehow I'm not motivated to sew as often as I was last year. It will be back.

I did make several pairs of pillowcases for myself and I'm enjoying them on the bed. So pretty. I do love selecting fabrics for them.

Meanwhile, iron a blouse, shower, breakfast and off to grocery store.

Tonight we are going to a graduation ceremony for Bob's daughter who is graduating from Elmira Business Institute. Best wishes, Dawn.



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