Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Didn't realize how long since I've posted. No excuse. Just plain lazy.

Here's a tiny bit of Ella Mae's garden with Logan, who started out as her granddaughter's dog, then he went to her daughter and finally came to live with her. He's an old guy now, about 14 which is 98 in people years. Hope his social security check arrives each month.

She had a bear back in early June in her back lawn. He tore down the bird feeders.

We haven't done much this summer. Too darn hot for a long time. I had to water plants twice a day to keep them going. Recently I started picking tomatoes from those heirloom tomatoes and have saved seed for next year. I have enogh tomatoes for salad and tomato sandwichs nearly every day, not to mention a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and fresh basil the other night. The patio is a real jungle this summer. I'm sharing my morning glories with my neighbor thru the privacy fence. Herbs are doing good. It will soon be time to bring in the rosemary, ivy, Swedish Ivy, Crown of Thorns (kids stay away from this with its inch long thorns) and the aloe plant.

Bob's been to the Dental Clinic at the Syracuse VA twice. The second time was for a consultation with the oral surgeon who had a cancellation after his appointment. He asked if Bob wanted his teeth out that day. Bob said "Okay" and it was done. Quiet ride home with him with his mouth packed with gauze. He's doing good, mouth is healing and he's eating more now.

My guild ladies are finishing up projects for Chenango Piecemakers show Oct. 8, 9 and 10th at the Oxford High School.

Only big news here is the flood last week. I came down Rt. 88 from my hairdresser's shop last Wed. afternoon to see the beginning of the landslide that has the east bound lane still blocked. A tree had slid down the hill and was on top of a pickup truck.

That morning the golf course at Chenango Commons flooded. McGirk's, a restaurant in the building was flooded. People have been working there since Friday, cleaning, tearing up stuff and all that is involved.

We were so fortunate that we are okay.

It won't be as long til I write again. (Sorry, Ellen. I know you watch for me.)



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