Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just an old Sew & Sew


Here's my finished Hexagon Table Toppers. The first is about 20" across and directions were followed. The next one in pastels was done with a folded border and a regular border. The last one is made from 4 of my Mindless Blocks. I bordered that one with black. There seemed to be enough chaos in the center. The biggest HTT is on the kitchen table. I could put the ivy in the center.
Speaking of ivy plants, this is the first one I've successfully raised. I tried to keep one living when I was working but after buying several I gave it up as a bad job. People would come to town hall and tell me "Your ivy is beautiful." I didn't tell them it was silk. (A. C. Moore came to my rescue.)
Today I had a phone call from Bob's niece asking about the Goodrich genealogy. I emailed her a copy of what I had put together. I think she will enjoy reading it. Of course I found typos and a couple of errors after I emailed the attachment. Bob is the fourth generation in his family to be a mason, as I found from old census records. His great grandfather was a stone mason, his grandfather, father and Bob were all brick and stone masons.
It's nearly time for a car race so I'll go downstairs and take some handwork.


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