Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready for Hot Stuff

Here's a pot holder being sewn together on my faithful Featherweight. I stitched the strips to a used fabric softener sheet. I like to round the corners so they are easier to turn with less bulk. And here is the finished pot holder ready for my kitchen. I put a loop on the pot holders as I hang them, not having any extra drawer space for them.
And here is my Not So Shrinking Violets hot mat. This is one of those octagons with Insulbrite in the middle. I made another one, World Peas, but tried three times to download the picture. So no World Peas today.
This morning I put a butt end pork loin in a large kettle, covered it with water and it is simmering slowly on the stove. When it is done, I'll take it out and put it on a cookie sheet. Then I will pull the meat off the bones and removed any fat. I'll serve it with a good barbeque sauce, probably Brooks BBQ Sauce on crispy rolls. Yummy!



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