Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Sale, A Sale...gotta go, gotta go

My purchases
at Beyond the
fat quarters,
book and a
Beyond the Needle, Rt. 11, Kirkwood, nearly to the PA border, sent a postcard saying they would hold a sale on March 7th to clean out old stock to get ready for spring fabrics. I even received an email from friend Sue who is wintering in FL to mention the sale. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, the type we haven't had many of this winter. Needless to say, I was not the only person who wanted to get to the sale. I arrived an hour after the shop opened to find the parking lot jammed full, cars parked along the road and quilters scurrying into the store. A lady pulled out of the parking lot and I quickly pulled into her spot. At $3. a yard there were many bargains to be had. As I waited in line at the cutting table, one of three in the store, I heard the conversation, "If you aren't going to take all of that, I'd like some when you are finished." Many bolts were finished and many were handed to others waiting in line. Then there was the wait to pay. I felt like I knew some of the ladies well by the time I paid and left. What a great way to spend a sunny day.
We have a new amusement. We are playing Mexican Train Dominos. I hadn't played dominos since I was a kid. Seven of us played on Tuesday at Ella Mae's. On Friday Len and Ella Mae came down here and we played.
Oops, I forgot to turn the clocks ahead before I went to bed. Guess I'd better do that now.
Happy Quilting, Chris


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