Monday, March 21, 2011

Home and Happy

First I need to correct a couple of shop names. BittyKinna in Intercourse and Dutchland Quilt Patch down past Ronk. On the way to Intercourse is Sylvia Petershiem's shop.
We had a wonderful time, speed shopping and to the show. We also went to the rogue malls to shop.
On Saturday we drove out to Burkholders where their spring collections greeted us. I bought several pieces of the Bliss on Blossom Street fabrics. I chose the yellow background. That will make a happy quilt.
The weather was beautiful. Friday the temperature reached 79.
Came home to 50 degrees and woke today to find snow on ground. It was raining a while ago.
We ate a late lunch at Dieners on Saturday. Great food. Bread filling that was so tasty. On the dessert buffet I found egg custard like my Mother made.
I was able to find fabrics to finish a number of projects, Economy Block quilt, Hexagon quilt binding, Anita's Arrowheads, more black and white.
This week I am determined to finish my Jacob's Ladder quilt. I've sewn more of the blocks together. I'm using the 4 1/2" squares for the outside border as leaders and enders. That will get them together much more quickly.
Will get the pictures of the girls and the show posted soon.
I especially enjoyed the Karen Kay Buckley collection.


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