Friday, February 25, 2011

Anita's Arrowhead

Do you ever see a pattern in a magazine and think "I'll try one of those." This is Anita's Arrowhead, from the Nov/Dec 2010 Quiltmaker magazine. Mary Rose called me the other day to ask about that pattern. A friend had described it to her. I thought I'd seen it. But I had to google the name to find the pattern. Then to find the magazine. Never an easy task. Found magazine yesterday.
This morning I cut and sewed the block. Pretty easy. I like the black & white with pink. Hmmm, could make a black and white with a bit of pink quilt.
The block is by Anita Grossman Solomon. Check out her site at She is the author of three books. We have at least 3" of heavy wet snow today. The snow is clinging to trees and power lines. Our parking lot has been plowed but it is icy underneath. When I went out to move the cars, the snow was nearly at a sleet stage. We have a winter storm warning until 5 p.m. tonight.
The last I knew my granddaughter and her husband were waiting in an airport, hoping to board a plane to Florida for a meeting.
The Campfire Girls canceled their lunch today. Ella Mae said 5" on her hill. Lois Ann said 4" over in Hartford Mills.

Bob's four year old granddaughter Natalia just got glasses. She looks so cute in them. She's turned into a chatterbox. She used to sit back quietly and watch the others. What a change. She's in pre-K this year.
Time to do some more sewing.


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