Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Really Have Been Sewing

This week I sewed a bit. (And I squeezed in a bit of reading too.)
I like the Bonnie Hunter page on using scraps in Quiltmaker. This 6" basket block is her latest in the March/April '11 issue. Anita's Arrowhead block is from the Nov/Dec '10 issue of Quiltmaker. I have a batch of squares cut out to sew. Oh dear, I don't have enough of the black and white fabrics. Whatever will I do?

This little 6 1/2" square goes by several names, Crumbs and Chaos or Mile a Minute. These blocks are mindless. Just grab your bag of tiny pieces that most people would toss out and sew away. I square them off to 6 1/2". Just the block to make when you want to sew but don't want to pay attention. Sometimes I square up at an angle. Makes them more interesting.
It was 41 degrees when I got up today. The March winds are blowing.


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