Saturday, September 17, 2011

PA Quilt Extravaganza

On Sept. 15th I boarded a bus at the Oakdale Mall for the trip to Oaks, PA to visit the PA Quilt Extravaganza. Here's a few of the pictures I took. Thumbstall Quilters in Marcellus, NY had a display of their Do Not Touch the Quilts no larger than 12 x 12". This was one good one.

I find the catalog not real handy. Quilt lists are in the back, just a number, quilt name and quilter name.

The quilt above is Smiles. It is hand appliqued, hand embroideried and hand quilted by Sieglinde Schoen Smith. Sieglinde was the Best of Show winner at Lancaster several years ago with her Mother Earth's Children.

A special exhibit The Unspoken Truth about Color: A Dialogue in Art Quilts about Racism featured this quilt, a copy of a poster in 1760 in Charlestown.

Marilyn Belford's Persephone, holding a pommegrate.
And here's a purple and lavender bargello My Purple Heart.
It was a foggy, rainy ride down and clear coming home. I met ladies from Afton, Sidney and Guilford on the bus. Learned some new sewing tips on the way. Laughed a lot.



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