Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do you know this man?

Gerald Smith, long time librarian at the Broome County Public Library retires on December 24th after 32 years of service to the people of Broome County.
Gerry is also our Broome County Historian. He's a font of information about the county and the citizens of the county. In addition he has a wicked sense of humor.
A local TV news broadcast this past week featured Gerry's retirement and also County Executive Barbara Fiala saying she had reappointed him.
Since 2002 I've had an opportunity to volunteer at the Local History and Genealogy Center at the library and have contact with Gerry. He's very helpful to people coming in wanting to look up their genealogies or find information about local businesses, buildings and homes.
Gerry has written several books about the county. He gives talks to many groups about the county. One of the favorite talks is his Seamy Side of the Street. In that talk he focuses on Mustahuba, a derelict who was well known in the Clinton Street area, a mayor with a wire from a bookie joint running to his office, a woman who ran a house of ill repute and a bank manager gone bad.
If you want to visit our Local History and Genealogy Center on the second floor of the Broome County Public Library, check our website for our latest cut back hours (budget cuts) and to see what is available there. Broome County Public Library. Local History and Genealogy Center
Sometime in 2010 the LHC will be receiving the microfiche of vital records from the State Health Department.
We're glad you will be back with us as County Historian next year Gerry.


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