Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just a few words about the recent flood...

Today I drove to Endicott on Rt. 17. Passed the Vestal Nursing Home with its ground floor missing all the windows. My neighbor who worked there until recently said the beds and other furnishing are piled in the front parking lot.
Home Depot has the parking lot filled with store items covered in mud. Ollie's, a new store here, which I didn't get to, is probably likewise stacked with flood refuse. Couldn't slow down enough on the road to see.
On a personal note, we were okay.
My cousin Marsha in Fairmont Park estimated 16 feet of water in her home. A picture of her in the Wed. Binghamton Press shows her in front of the house with her possessions piled at the curb.
Bob's nephew Unky (his father was Ernie, so they called him Unky, Bob told me) had his home flooded in the cellar. They have cleaned it and he, his wife and daughters are back. Two of his sons are with their grandmother.
Bob's niece Breanne had her home condemned. They were able to retrieve clothing and dishes & photos. Bob sister and brother in law are drying pictures when I stopped by today.
My granddaughter in Greene, Nikki, had 5 ft. of water in her cellar.
I'm so glad I live where I do. Thank you, God.


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