Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Sit On Me

I've always known this plant as a Crown of Thorns. Grandma Gaylord had one and gave a slip to my Mom. I have had several. The previous one to this was at Town Hall, where I left it when I retired. When I decided to bring it home it was missing. I found out later that the latest Town Clerk threw it in the garbage. My cousin gave me this plant. It lives in my kitchen in front of the slider door in winter and out on the patio in summer. It has some serious thorns on it.
Next to the Crown of Thorns is a pot with Rosemary and Parsley that I had on the patio last summer. Rosemary is so fragrant when you brush against it. It goes good with a pork roast or beef stew. This is the first time I've been successful with growing Rosemary inside. I bought several small plants last spring and put them in a pot. I also have Chives in a small pot and a big pot of them outside. Nice to snip a few pieces for garnish on sour cream.
We have a snownado (weatherman coined a new word) coming tonight. Snow and extremely high winds. I'm going out this morning to get prescriptions and a few other things. Have lots of books to read, fabric to sew and beads to string. There is never time to be bored.


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