Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garnette, the Traveling Teddy Bear

Here's Garnette, our Red Hat Teddy Bear, all ready for some adventures. There is a pocket in the back of her quilt that holds a notebook so our members can record Garnette's adventures. I made the quilt from headers and enders (Quiltville.com) and half square triangles that I had cut and sewn for demonstrations of the Fons & Porter HST ruler. Garnette can wrap up in the quilt if she's cold or spread it out on the beach for sunbathing.
As most of you know, genealogy is my first love. I recently looked at a site www.fultonhistory.com . There are snippets from newspapers all over the state on this site, whic can be searched by name or location. This is a good site to look at if you can't sleep.
I found my Mom and Dad's marriage license listed in 1933 in the Binghamton City Clerk's office not to mention many other items about family and distant relatives. I went to microfilms of the Binghamton Press in 1936 and 1937 to find the full account of an auto accident and death over a year later of Mom's cousin's husband.
We got a little snow early this morning. It's not enough to keep the Campfire Girls from meeting at Ella Mae's today. We might play with beads today or play cards.


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