Sunday, March 28, 2010

AQS Quilt Show, Lancaster, PA

Just home from the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA. There have been many changes for us since the Mancuso Show last year.
The show was at the Convention Center. We were transported by shuttle bus from our motels. This was a PITA. Wait till the top of the hour to leave the motel. Wait for the scheduled bus to go back to motel. Sit at Best Western 20 minutes after 5 p.m. on Friday before we were driven to the Day's Inn nearby. No explanation for the delay.
The show was on 3 levels at the Convention Center. Our feeling was that lighting was poor in some areas so we couldn't see some of the quilts very well.
Winning quilts were not grouped together so we could find them.
It didn't seem like there were as many bed sized quilts as before. There were many art and wall But we had a great time seeing old friends Helen Marie and Jackey, meeting Gail, Ann, Ginny and Nannette. It was great to see Jan and Dave again.
We got to a number of shops and did serious retail therapy. The restaurants served us good food.
When we arrived at our motel we found that Helen Marie, Jackey and others were trying to find the Lancaster Brewery. We finally made our way there and had a delicious salad of chicken on mesculan greens. That was our after dark tour of Lancaster.
Now to unpack my purchases.
I had an opportunity to talk with Billie Lauder and purchase her books. They are being shipped.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Musing before Quilt Show

I'm using my laptop so no pictures today.

Debbie and myself are leaving around 4-4:30 pm today for Lancaster, PA for the AQS Quilt Show. We'll connect with HMM, Fabaddict, Sage and others. New location, new show, new motel.

This has been a hectic week. My brother Bruce went to ER on Friday with chest pains. Had a heart attack, was rushed to heart cath and had a stent put in immediately. He looked so much better in a couple of hours when we saw him. His color was so much better. An artery was completely blocked. On Monday he went home. On Tuesday he had a burning sensation in his arm and tightness in chest. Back to ER. No problem found. He came home Wednesday.

So here I am, ready to make coffee and read paper. Then a little grocery shopping so Bob has food while I'm gone.

Maybe I'll have time for a nap before I leave. Must remember to put my list of needs in purse. Bob reminded me in middle of night to remember my pills.

Chat with all of you after the show.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Isn't this an Irish mug?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you Irish and those who want to be Irish. Despite all my genealogy research for at least 40 years, I'm not Irish.

Here's a picture of my favorite Irishman. Bob will be 80 on April 24th and I'm planning a party for him.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

He gained twenty pounds!

The other day Bob decided to weigh himself. He asked me to read the numbers because he wasn't sure what he was seeing. The scales said he was twenty pounds heavier than the week before. We were both puzzled about that as he hadn't eaten that much. Finally he said "Do you think the kids played with the scale when they were here." Sure enough, his grands had turned the knob making the scale read twenty pounds more.
The picture above was taken last October at Chenango Piecemakers Quilt Retreat. Jane started a paper pieced quilt for grandson Justin. Today I received a picture of the completed quilt. It's beautiful, Jane.
It's raining here.