Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Hi to all my friends out there in Blog Land. We've had a blustery, snowy, cold windy day here in upstate NY today. We had just enough snow to make driving a bit touchy this morning.
My Cuzzin Eli Mai (I decided to jazz up her name) and I went to the closest quilt shop this morning, Creative Threads, at their Front Street location. I found my 30s fabrics I needed. I checked out the sale board and found a length of blue and white trees called Snowy Silence by SSI. Got 40% off because I finished the bolt. Eli Mai got a spool of thread and Mary Ellen's Best Press. That's a product I like to use too. Fabric doesn't get too stiff when I use it.
We both went home and had lunch.
Later this afternoon I drove down to the drugstore on clear roads. As I was nearly ready to leave who should walk in the door but Cuzzin Eli Mai. She needed quilting needles and had to pick up a prescription. She said she also had to stop at a grocery store. We did that this morning too.
Best wishes to all of you and yours for a most Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Recipe Correction

I have a red face. I have to correct the Chocolate Cookies from a cake mix recipe.

Just use 1/2 cup of chips.

I stirred up a batch today and realized I gave you the wrong amount. But 1 cup of chips would sure make it good.

Merry Christmas to all

Here it is
early Christmas
morning. I'm
looking out
my window
to see if
really know
how to fly.

Last night we went to my oldest granddaughter's home to celebrate. Nikki and Mike welcomed us with a great array of snacks.
Here's a picture of Mickey taken a couple of years ago. No, she does not have a tree growing from her shoulders.
Today we'll go to Mickey and Eric's home for dinner.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Summer Picnic at Lois Ann's Home

In a previous
post I said I'd
tell you about
a picnic at
Lois Ann's.
Yes, that is
a skunk.
We had a
picnic at Lois
Ann's house
one summer
day. As we
sat outside
eating and
talking, I spotted a critter to my left near a tree. I quietly drew the attention of the other Campfire Girls to the critter. He was about 10 feet from us at that point. As we watched him, he made a large circle around all of us, then went under her deck. She said "All the critters go under there." We didn't see him again. With a big sigh of relief we went back to talking and eating. Strangely he didn't mind us walking on the deck. The last time we were up there this fall she mentioned she thought the skunk was under her deck again.
It's snowing again today. The wind seems to be blowing the snow around as it falls. Plow trucks are out, spreading salt on the roads.
This is a day to be at home baking and sewing. My Kolachki dough is mixed and in the refrigerator. This year I can't find jarred mincemeat in the local stores. My mincemeat cookies will have to wait. Maybe I'll make another batch of Chocolate Cookies from a cake mix. So easy and quick.
Chocolate Cookies from a cake mix, thanks to Fran
1 chocolate cake mix (I use a box from Aldi)
1/2 cup oil
2 eggs
Mix well and add 1 cup chocolate chips. (I used Andes Peppermint Crunch Chips in the last batch. The smell was wonderful.)
Drop by teaspoonsful onto an ungreased sheet. Bake in a 350 degree over for 8-10 minutes. Let cool a couple of minutes on the sheet before transferring to a rack.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weather Permitting

Tonight we have a prediction of ice and snow which should start in a few hours. This is the time of year when we here in upstate New York say "weather permitting" when we plan to go out.

Last week I missed two parties, one in Willet and the other for Chenango Piecemakers Guild. The guild party will be rescheduled. It's our sometimes January party.

Tomorrow is the party for the Broome County Library Local History & Genealogy Center's volunteers. Weather permitting, I will go.

We have a supply of ice melting stuff in a covered pail ready if needed.

My cousin has to walk uphill a bit to her horse barn to feed Sinbad and Winchester. Yesterday morning she said it was a glare of ice. She uses a ski pole to navigate over the ice. She also has cleats to fasten on over her boots. She hasn't tried them yet so I am waiting to hear how they work.

Do any of you remember the days in winter when we listened to the radio in the morning to see if we had a "snow day". Now the local TV stations broadcast school closings and delays.

The Campfire Girls came here yesterday for lunch and cards and to celebrate Lois Ann's birthday. Yes, that's her picture at the top of this post.
In another post I'll tell you about a picnic at Lois Ann's house in 2007 and an unexpected visitor.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Disappearing 9 Patch & some Nickel Bricks

Top is the Disappearing 9 Patch blocks cut differently, next a closeup of several blocks, then some ofthe infamous nickel blocks and last the Loose Change book.
I made the D9P blocks from 5" Christmas fabric swaps and had to cut some from my stash. After the blocks were sewn into 9 patch blocks, I cut them from corner to corner. This resulted in 36 triangles. Then I cut 9 14 1/2" blocks of the sparkly white fabrics. Next I cut those 9 blocks into quarter square triangles. Another 36 triangles appeared as if by magic. Sewn together into blocks, trimmed to 9 1/2 " size and laid out in a pleasing pattern. I rearranged again today after I sewed one row which resulted in this ZZ pattern. Good name...ZZ D9P.
Our Triangle Guild President Judy saw the D9P cut this way when she was in AZ. Another one of those 'just had to try it' blocks.
The Nickel Brick pattern is in the Loose Change book and is mindless sewing. Just cut 3x5" scraps and cut the black into 1 1/2" strips. Sew black on both sides of the scraps and cut into 5" pieces. Julie's Latest Doings has a tutorial for this quilt.
And now it's time for my nap before I go to the Broome Co. Public Library for my 3 hour volunteer stint tonight up in the Local History & Genealogy Room.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A little of this and not much of that

Owasco Lake
in October
showing the
mist rising
off the lake
I've been using this picture as a screen saver this week. It was taken the October weekend we were at a quilt retreat.
This week I've been playing with Nickel Bricks from the Loose Change book. I took the book to Triangle Guild where it was passed around and several members wrote down the name. One said she doesn't usually sucumb to books but this one was different.
Triangle Guild held their annual Christmas party Thursday night. We had a potluck supper and had a short business meeting followed by a hectic game of Left Right. Several members were found to be holding 2 fat quarters during the game, and not just once. Marilyn excells as the reader. We finally got straightened out and finished the game to shouts of laughter. (Left Right games can be found online.)