Friday, December 31, 2010

They're Out There

Elsie Poyer gave each of us one of these Santa ornaments that she had painted. She's a talented crafter.Campfire Girls are meeting at Jeanie's home today. I have a green bean casserole in the oven. Love that old dish and don't make it except to take to a potluck.

I finally figured out how to get pictures onto the computer and how to post some to Facebook.
More fun ahead.

Bob and my brother Bruce were pleased by their photo albums that I made for each of them for Christmas. I copied lots of old family pictures for Bruce, found some oldies of Bob's family for him and lots of new pictures as well.

Happy New Year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I made this little fabric basket after Sue mailed me the directions the day before she left for Memphis and Florida. She had one in shades of soft oranges that she learned to make last winter in Florida and taunted me with it all summer.
Here's SweetOldBob and Maddy, granddaughter Nikki's German Shepherd. She's six now and was a rescue dog. She is well mannered and beautifully marked.
The quilt on the back of the couch is one I made for her bridal shower back in 2003. I used a pattern from the Nickel Quilt book.
Here's Bob again with Nikki's oldest cat Chessy. Nikki brought her home from a farm in her pocket. Chessy is the friendliest, loving cat. Max, the second cat, stayed upstairs.
Great grand son Caleb is pulling wrapping paper off one of his gifts. He's a ham, flashes a big smile when he sees a camera. He's six months old now.
It was a good holiday. We went to Nikki and Mike's home in Greene on Christmas Eve. Then to Mickey and Eric's home for Christmas dinner and had a very relaxed day.
I baked lots of cookies and took most of the remainder to the library yesterday for our Volunteer Appreciation Lunch.
Now to get busy sewing. I haven't had much time for sewing lately. I have lots of projects and ideas to work on.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Note to Self

Disappearing Four Patch done in red and white and blue and white and set on point. Saw that in Alycia Quilts blog for Sept. A quilter sent that to Alycia for Quilts of Valor. Striking. Have to try making this block with white and a reads solid color.
Have to finish baking this morning, clean a bit, wrap last gifts for Bob's grandchildren. I was going to bake more last night but fell asleep in chair after I made four batches of cookies yesterday and did laundry. Got to make a quick run to grocery store for more kid friendly finger foods.
Dawn's four and her boyfriend Tom's two will be here around 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. today.
I forgot the last sheet of maraschino cherry cookies and they got a bit brown. (No, they got a lot brown.) So out the back door they went. I watched the crows picking them up and flying to the Quickway roof next door. Guess they had a tea party. One time I tossed some very hard bread out. Then I came up here to sew. Crows were flying to same roof and dipping bread in a puddle of water. I know guys, I'll toss bread to you quicker next time.
When I am at the computer in my quilt chat in morning, I've been printing old pictures to make an album for my brother. Some of those old pictures when we were kids really bring back memories.
One picture is of me and Prince, a shepherd/collie that Dad got from Grandpa Huntington. Prince went back over to Grandpa's house the day Mom came out the back door to find three or four year old Bruce laying on the ground and Prince was standing over him growling. We figured Bruce pulled his hair. Prince was a touchy dog. Great cow dog. Prince and I got along but little kids weren't his thing.
Have a great day, try to sit down and relax a few minutes while you are in the midst of preparing for Christmas.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Getting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Sea Gulls are dumb. This one is going to eat an ice cube we tossed to him at our family reunion last August.

Today I'm printing some pictures to put in Christmas cards. Some are from the Goodrich reunion, others of the Lavens Girls and the Campfire Girls. Then I think I'll make Bob a little album as he likes to look at pictures of his grandchildren. This new printer is great. It automatically removes red eye from pictures.

Apologies to Lois Ann who felt her picture in this blog a while back was not flattering. She was drinking pickle juice and saying "Even the juice is good." Sorry.

Most of my pictures are not flattering. A dear friend said "Chris, your pictures look like something smelled bad in the bathroom."

Have got to bake today. I've been procrastinatiing.

It's sunny but cold, with some new snow overnight.
The top picture is of SweetOldBob and myself.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Snow & Cold in Forecastg

That's right, more snow & cold in the forecast. After all, it's only December 8th.

No pictures today. I'm busy cutting out potholders. I need to make couple sets.

We had Triangle Guild party last Thursday night. Tomorrow night is the Chenango Piecemakers Guild party. Good food at both.

Our Red Hat party was postponed on Monday. We'll get together on Tuesday. That's winter in New York for you. We'll meet on such & such date, weather permitting.