Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a quick post

We did get snow here in our part of New York State the other day. The official reading was 16 1/2". High winds made nasty drifts. One local road was closed because of the drifts. The snow stopped on Friday and the sun came out.

Today some of the Campfire Girls are going to Mat's Beads. I need some split rings. A few came with a pack of clasps but I can't open them. But I sure can make them fly across the room...plink, plink. I found half of one in the corner. I do have the special pliers to open them. I made a necklace of stones that are spring colors. When I get the clasp on I will take a picture.

I made applesauce again the other day. I core the apples with my little corer/divider and put the wedges in a pan with a little water. Then cook until tender. Run the cooked apples thru the sieve. Add a tiny bit of Splenda and enjoy the nice pink applesauce. I've used Empires for the last batch. The batch before that used whatever was in the fruit drawer, including Granny Smiths.

Bob likes a banana pie so I made one for him the other day. Graham cracker crust, purchased. Mix pudding and put half into crust. Slice a few bananas into the pudding and cover with more pudding. Chill and give a squirt of whipped cream to each serving. He's a happy man.

It's snowing now. The temperature has been at least 40 each day including Thursday when we got most of our snow. We get our daily snow flurry but it doesn't seem to add up to much.

Now to search for a picture to add to this. Hmmmmmmmmmm.......found it. One of my favorites. The view from camp over Carry Reservoir last September.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Sit On Me

I've always known this plant as a Crown of Thorns. Grandma Gaylord had one and gave a slip to my Mom. I have had several. The previous one to this was at Town Hall, where I left it when I retired. When I decided to bring it home it was missing. I found out later that the latest Town Clerk threw it in the garbage. My cousin gave me this plant. It lives in my kitchen in front of the slider door in winter and out on the patio in summer. It has some serious thorns on it.
Next to the Crown of Thorns is a pot with Rosemary and Parsley that I had on the patio last summer. Rosemary is so fragrant when you brush against it. It goes good with a pork roast or beef stew. This is the first time I've been successful with growing Rosemary inside. I bought several small plants last spring and put them in a pot. I also have Chives in a small pot and a big pot of them outside. Nice to snip a few pieces for garnish on sour cream.
We have a snownado (weatherman coined a new word) coming tonight. Snow and extremely high winds. I'm going out this morning to get prescriptions and a few other things. Have lots of books to read, fabric to sew and beads to string. There is never time to be bored.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garnette, the Traveling Teddy Bear

Here's Garnette, our Red Hat Teddy Bear, all ready for some adventures. There is a pocket in the back of her quilt that holds a notebook so our members can record Garnette's adventures. I made the quilt from headers and enders ( and half square triangles that I had cut and sewn for demonstrations of the Fons & Porter HST ruler. Garnette can wrap up in the quilt if she's cold or spread it out on the beach for sunbathing.
As most of you know, genealogy is my first love. I recently looked at a site . There are snippets from newspapers all over the state on this site, whic can be searched by name or location. This is a good site to look at if you can't sleep.
I found my Mom and Dad's marriage license listed in 1933 in the Binghamton City Clerk's office not to mention many other items about family and distant relatives. I went to microfilms of the Binghamton Press in 1936 and 1937 to find the full account of an auto accident and death over a year later of Mom's cousin's husband.
We got a little snow early this morning. It's not enough to keep the Campfire Girls from meeting at Ella Mae's today. We might play with beads today or play cards.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Mary Ann is our Red Hat paparazzi. She keeps an album of our doings, usually catching us in almost embarassing positions. She made all of us a calendar for 2010 with the Birthday Girl9s) of the month as the featured pictures. Joan, our Queen Mother is standing to the left of Mary Ann and Fran is at the right wearing a sun visor. Joan is a sweet, dignified person. Fran is rowdy and always has a joke for us.

Today's the first NASCAR race of the season, at Daytona International Speedway. Bob and I will be spending the afternoon together watching. I have a donation quilt to tie so I'll be working on that as I watch.

Cousin Bobbie sent me a wall hanging she found in a Florida shop. It reads Home for Wayward Fabric. It's going on the wall in my sewing room. Needless to say, Bobbie has seen this room.

Granddaughter Nikki and her husband are in Cancun at a Matco Tool meeting. She told us on Facebook last night she had a sunburn she'd bought and paid for. Ouch!

I hope you all have a good Valentine's Day with someone you care about.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storm Predicted

There's a storm predicted for later today. Now it is not supposed to be a major storm for us in New York State but who knows. Last night the wind was blowing hard when I was falling asleep. Now it has subsided.
This morning I have to go to my eye doctor's office for a visual field test. It was discovered that I have glaucoma back in 1982. Since that time I've used the prescribed eye drops and visited my doctors on a regular basis. I've been very fortunate that there has been little change in the past 28 years.
The top pictured above is one I made for a donation quilt. It is made of 2 1/2" x 5" rectangles with 3" x 2 1/2" rectangles on the ends of every other strip. And....there is not even a dent in my box of 2 1/2" strips.
There are four blooms on my amaryllis plant now. What fun to watch that plant grow. Thanks again, Mary Ann.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sew Sunday '10

Tasting the snacks, choices of blocks to assemble, pressing, sewing......We did it all.
Snow fluttered to the ground as we worked. On the way home I hit a near whiteout for a few minutes. Road was wet. When I got home there was no snow in the air.
Once again the Chenango Piecemakers made quilts to give to various charities. A lot of work was accomplished and a lot of food was eaten, all good too.