Monday, July 25, 2011

Open House

We had an open house for the Huntington cousins to meet Bobbie who was here for a family reunion up in Otsego County the day before. Gilda and Bobbie.

Bob who enjoyed the food.

Front L to, Bobbie, Mark Liddle, Eric & Michelle Dingler, Jack Glover & my brother Bruce Gaylord. Gilda got us organized finally.

Matt Ward, Gilda's husband, Eric & Mickey (my daughter), Jack (my son), Mark & Tonie Liddle, in back brother Bruce. Everyone was milling around before Gilda the photographernazi got us organized.

We had lots of good food. I baked a met loaf & scalloped potatoes, set out relish tray and cheeses and crackers. Others brought salads, sweets and more cheese & crackers. It was a hot day & we sat outside and some stayed inside where it was cooler.

The canopy I got a few days before worked out great. Jack read directions and put it up. Mickey and Eric read directions and took it down. It's in a little blue bag with wheels that can easily stored.

We've been staying inside during the heat wave. Now that the temperature is lowering I will be binding a quilt. Yes, my Sue Had an Idea Jacob's Ladder came home and is quilted beautifully by Peg Springstead at Quilted Crow.

It's a bit dark out and rain is predicted. We need it so badly.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Birthdays

This month I think we only have one family birthday. That is of my son in law Eric Dingler on July 19th.

Eric is a great mechanic and part owner of All Points Auto Service on Rt. 12A. He's kept my rattle trap cars running for many years. Besides that he's a great guy with a sense of humor and is a generally all around good person.

Tonight is the annual July picnic of Chenango Piecemakers at Boname Park at Oxford. Dish to pass. I'm in a quandry. Can't decide on what to make.

Sewing is not inviting right now. I'm busy reading. The latest is Belva Plain's last book Heartwood. Wonderful story.

Got to go look at my cookbooks to see what I want to cook or bake.

Had a momentary minute of panic this morning. Where were my donation blocks. I didn't give them to Triangle Guild last week, did I? No I did not. Found them on a shelf.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

Recently I found and read two great books. J. Courtney Sullivan has written Commencement and Maine.
Commencement deals with four freshmen college students from different life styles and their travels thru life.
Maine is the story of the women in a family and their struggles with life, love and religion.
Hope you enjoy both books.
I'm getting ready for my cousin Bobbie to stop by on Sunday. She lives in New Mexico and comes out each summer for a family reunion with her Mom's Webster family in Otsego County.
We are having an open house for our local cousins to stop and visit Sunday from 1-5 pm. Light refreshments and good talk. What more can we ask for.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Full Agenda Today

Our cousin Bobbie is coming out from New Mexico in a week or so. She'll be going to her mother's Webster family reunion up in Otsego County. Then on the 17th she'll be here. As I couldn't get a park pavillion for a Huntington reunion, I decided to have an open house here for the family to stop by and see her and other cousins. Maybe we'll even have good weather.
Two years ago we had a big thunderstorm at Chenango Valley State Park during the afternoon. Last year it rained and was downright cold at Dorchester Park.
Today I'm working on the Stone Soup Challenge for Triangle Guild's picnic tomorrow at 6 p.m.
I need to put beans to soak so I can bake them tomorrow as my dish to pass.
And later I need to work on my "Keep your hands off the quilts" 8 x 10" quilt challenge for Chenango Piecemakers, due at their picnic on the 14th.
The US Mail delivered two books to me yesterday. I am enjoying the first one Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson.
Time for a short nap before I go back to the sewing machine.