Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanks to Fran

This is my Christmas Disappearing 9 Patch which I finished last December just in time to snuggle under at Christmas.

Thanks to Fran, one of my AOL Quilt Chat Room friends, we think the name of Sylvia's top shown in the previous post might be Feathered Star.

It is close to the block shown in Barbara Brackman's book Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, #3389.

Fran also referred to Old Chelsea Station Needlework Service. This is probably the pattern service found in the newspapers back in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

The quilt to the right of mine in picture features a pillow topper that Judy has sewn into the top binding. She said she likes to hide the pillows under the flap. Great idea. She used snowmen fabric with a Christmas beige fabric.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is This Quilt Block?

Can anyone tell me what this quilt block is called? The top was brought by a Triangle Guild member Sylvia yesterday for our bed turning at our quilt show at Fall Festival. She said it was made by her Grandmother Loop in the 30s or 40s.
The bedturning evolved into a very interestng variety of questions about preserving antique quilts. We need to do some research and present a program on Quilt Preservation.
One man looked at my Nickel Brick quilt and asked "What is a nickel?" I was able to show him a 5" square and tell him.
Appropriately a Christmas elf named Grumpy was put on a little bench under Bob's red white and blue quilt.
We had a good time answering questions and chatting with the quilt viewers.
Time to start sewing for next year's entries.
We are thinking we should suggest that Fall Festival be renamed the Fall Rain Festival. It poured in the morning. By the time we unloaded the rain had stopped and the [shhhh] sun came out. This is at least the third year it has rained at Fall Festival.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quilting at Casowasco

Aren't we a happy bunch. The group picture was taken by several kind ladies from another group this morning after breakfast. We had fresh donuts as a special request of Jane.
As I drove up Rt. 81 to Homer Friday morning I wondered what kind of weather I'd find at Owasco Lake. As I drove into Moravia I left the snow behind me.
We had a beautiful weekend, sewing, talking and eating. After all, what do quilters do. It was good to see some of our group who we only see a couple of times a year.
I need to go to the auto parts store and purchase a "magic wand" to pick up spilled pins. I dropped a box of pins and Pam came to the rescue with her wand.
I managed to get four strips of the Merry Go Round quilt completed. I think I will like it when it is done, probably in time for the 2011 Quilt Show. In the picture I have two rows stitched together. There is a lot of cutting triangles with the 60 degree ruler. My strips are cut and most are sewn together. So now it will be cut, press, sew.....
Happy stitching from Chris

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ya All Gotta See This Wallhanging

Tthis beautiful wall hanging was made by Helena Mataev who, along with her sister in law Olga have this site where the pattern can be purchased.
This site is worth a look if you have an embroidery machine. They even have a free pattern each month.
Their work is beautiful, not to mention award winning . Helen and Olga are very generous members of our Chenango Piecemakers Guild donating quilts for our programs.

You All Gotta See This

From the Show

From the top: Lorry's Emergence, Campfire Girls Lois Ann, Ella Mae (my cousin) and Jeanie, Jo's Aunt Gracie's Mini Trip Around the World.

By Special Request

This morning I had a request from Fran for a picture of Judy's Orange Crush quilt. She didn't get a picture of it at our show.
Judy made this mystery quilt from's latest mystery. It is gorgeous.
Right now it is on my loveseat waiting for October 24 and the Triangle Guild's show.

Monday, October 12, 2009

SweetOldBob's Quilt

On Saturday I coerced Bob into going to the quilt show. Here he is standing beside his quilt. I think he enjoyed seeing the quilts and watching people.
The top picture is of a donation quilt top that I assembled. It only had eight sailboats so I needed to make four more. Luckily I found the pattern Lil Skipper in a magazine. I used the boat pattern and added a border. Those four sailboats went in the corners of the quilt. Some little boy will like that one.
What a lot of pre-planning goes into a show. Committees meeting right up to a few days before the show. People bringing the quilts from the place where they are gathered and sorted. The coordinator telling us where to put each bag for those hanging the quilts to put them up. Each bag has the number of the quilts inside which corresponds with the floor plan. Demonstrations, publicity, signs, gift shop, Quilters Walk. So many contributions were made by so many. It's the guild's best show yet.
Watch our site for the videos of demonstrations. Kim set up a camcorder by the demonstration area.
The Chenango Piecemakers
Today is the last day of our show. On Thursday night we'll have a guild meeting and find how many attended and Viewer's Choice in various categories.
Back to housework for a while today.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Give Up

Okay, I give up. I confess. ROFL is Rolling on Floor Laughing. I was told tonight it also means Real Funny Old Lady. Apparently I have a reputation for telling good jokes to my quilt retreat ladies. I might as well be a real funny old lady as a grumpy old biddy.
Our quilt show is beautiful. There are approximately 380 quilts there, including Quilts of Valor and Donation Quilts. I'll post pictures when I have a rested sane moment after tomorrow.
I'm doing two demonstrations tomorrow, Disappearing 9 Patch and the Octagon Table Toppers.
Tonight I picked out a batch of 9 patch blocks that have been around a long time. They will go with me. I will take some samples of the D9P and also pictures of some quilts made using this pattern.
I will show how to make the table toppers so I need to pick out some fat quarters to take too.
Our vendors have some neat items in their booths. I bought a Half Log Cabin book today and some beads.
Another busy day so I'd better get some sleep.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Take a Deep Breathe

It's time to take a deep breathe and relax today. My quilts were delivered this morning to Gail who graciously said she would do that job for the Quilt Show Committee.
The picture is sunset over Carry Reservoir last month. The Raquette River bed is on the far side of the water. Back in the 1950s Niagara Mohawk dammed up the river to provide electricity. I think there are five dams on the river. Camp sits between Stark and Carry.
Tomorrow is set up for the show. I need to collect articles for the vingettes such as baskets and chairs to take plus the two antique quilts for the bed turning.
Last night while I was at the Broome County Public Library's Local History and Genealogy Center I found quite a bit of information about the women who owned my granddaughter's Grandmother's Flower Garden.
We think the quilt was made in the 1920s or early 1930s by Minnie Brown. Minnie was widowed in 1900 and had six children. She died in 1933.
Her daughter Louie Belle Brown Randall was the next owner of the quilt. Louie died in 1959 in Binghamton.
Her daughter Leta Randall West was the next owner. Leta was a sweet dear lady who I remember. My son Jack Glover was married to her granddaughter Sue. Leta died in 1993.
The quilt went to her daughter Donna West Rehak. When my granddaughter Becki Glover was to marry Jeremy Tennant in July 2008 Donna gave her the quilt alone with a list of the owners.
Becki brought the quilt to my home for me to look at and forgot it when she left. I made a white pillowcase to store this special quilt in.
This quilt will be a part of Chenango Piecemakers' Bed Turning this weekend at our show.
(The quilt is pictured in a previous post.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On a September's Day

On a September's day we went to camp. JoAnne and myself in her truck and Lois Ann and June in a car....up to Watertown and turned right.
The top picture says it all, how we feel about camp. Sit back, put your feet up and relax as June did.
June wondered how she'd look with a mustache. Her niece JoAnne provided the hair.
When you go to camp, you need a special pillowcase. Here's mine.
June and I were at camp when we spied this dark cloud heading our way over Carry Reservoir. We got about three drops of rain as it blew past. JoAnne & Lois Ann were over on Stark Reservoir trying to row a boat so LA could fish. The wind was so strong they kept getting blown back to shore. They gave that up as a bad job and came back to camp.
I'll post more camp pictures in the future.
Today I finished sewing the binding on the Hooray for the Red, White and Blue quilt. After it's been to two shows, Bob can claim it. This was made several years ago when Stitchinjoy had a Saturday Sewin.
Off to put labels on the quilts before I deliver them tomorrow.

What Quilters Do On Their Day Off

These women were recently seen at the Mohawk Valley Quilting Club's Show at the Utica Curling Club. Mary Rose and Nancy Carney from Chenango Piecemakers Guild were caught enjoying the quilts.
I finally caught up with my grandson who installed a new photo program and then after a few days I figured out how to get my pictures from the memory card to the computer. Lots of posts will be coming your way soon.
Don't forget Chenango Piecemakers Show on Oct. 10, 11 and 12 at the Oxford High School. Hours are 9 to 4 each day. Raffle quilt and much more, including demonstrations, vendors and a bed turning.

JPo's Surprise

As some of you know our friend Debbie has been spending more time than she has wanted to at a hospital in Boston. When she was there two weeks ago the doctors found another blood clot. She has been in terrible pain because the stent irritated a nerve. This will heal and she will be okay eventually.
In the meantime, Nancy had a Glory Boxes top she made. Jackey offered to quilt it. Helen Marie contributed fabric. And.........I was asked to make a tote to carry the quilt. (Which I must say was a thing of beauty.)
Yesterday afternoon I drove out to Debbie's house and gave her the bag with the quilt. Her first question was "Who made the bag?" As we know her comments about lime/snot green all too well I had to admit I made the bag.
Then she pulled the quilt out of the bag and admired it. In the third picture she is looking at the label, surrounded by a Purple Churn Dash.
She loves the quilt and told me it was beautiful. (She did not say "In spite of the snot green binding.") She looked at it and pointed to several fabrics and said "This looks like a Helen Marie fabric."
Debbie told me that she is cold in the car so it will be great to cover up with while Jeff is driving with the AC on.
It's great to see what a hugs quilt can do for our friends.
I offered to give her some of the fabric I made the bag from. Can you imagine she declined it. She also said her husband hopes she never has to take it to a hospital.
I had to get the quilt out of my home as Bob was developing a great liking to it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall is Here

It's a beautiful Fall Saturday morning here in New York State. The trees are changing colors, but not at the peak. The early morning fog has risen. Life is good!

This weekend I am handsewing binding onto the Hooray for the Red, White and Blue quilt. The total diameter of this quilt is the same as the Nickel Brick quilt.

My granddaughter sent me a list of the owners of her Grandmother's Flower Garden. (Picture of the quilt in a previous post) They are: 3x great grandmother Brown, 2x great grandmother Randall, Great grandmother Letha West, Aunt Donna West Rehak and Becki Glover Tennant.

I need to make a trip to Chenango Valley Cemetery to get the name of Great Grandmother Brown as Letha is buried in the same lot. Back to the genealogy again. I'll also use census records to find Great Grandmother Randall's name.

Time to fix breakfast before I hear a pitiful cry from downstairs. "Is the diner open."