Sunday, December 20, 2009

Donation Quilts

JoAnne told me yesterday that the count this year for our donation quilts is 36. These will go to Broome Developmental for distribution.
The above quilt is a Split Rail Fence in autumn colors that I made. I almost feel sunglasses should go along with the quilt.

Each month a member gives out a pattern for a new block. Sometimes a color is suggested or it is quilter's choice as to colors. We made 12" finished size blocks and they are put together. Some are tied and others are machine quilted.

The Campfire Girls were here yesterday for lunch. I made a Chicken Casserole that they liked and a Waldorf Salad that they also liked. Ella Mae brought homemade chunky applesauce. That was sooooooooo good. Later we played Pay Me. To my surprise, I won.

We had cookies for dessert. Ella Mae brought her Rum Balls and I had Maraschino Cherry and Mincemeat Cookies.

The temperature has been up to 30 today but was dropping when I closed the curtains around 4 :30 p.m. It's a clear night so far.

I baked the kolachkis today. We ate the broken ones. (Bob said we ate the ones that fell on the floor or burned.)


Do you know this man?

Gerald Smith, long time librarian at the Broome County Public Library retires on December 24th after 32 years of service to the people of Broome County.
Gerry is also our Broome County Historian. He's a font of information about the county and the citizens of the county. In addition he has a wicked sense of humor.
A local TV news broadcast this past week featured Gerry's retirement and also County Executive Barbara Fiala saying she had reappointed him.
Since 2002 I've had an opportunity to volunteer at the Local History and Genealogy Center at the library and have contact with Gerry. He's very helpful to people coming in wanting to look up their genealogies or find information about local businesses, buildings and homes.
Gerry has written several books about the county. He gives talks to many groups about the county. One of the favorite talks is his Seamy Side of the Street. In that talk he focuses on Mustahuba, a derelict who was well known in the Clinton Street area, a mayor with a wire from a bookie joint running to his office, a woman who ran a house of ill repute and a bank manager gone bad.
If you want to visit our Local History and Genealogy Center on the second floor of the Broome County Public Library, check our website for our latest cut back hours (budget cuts) and to see what is available there. Broome County Public Library. Local History and Genealogy Center
Sometime in 2010 the LHC will be receiving the microfiche of vital records from the State Health Department.
We're glad you will be back with us as County Historian next year Gerry.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Getting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The other day I made these four pillowcases for Mikayla, Kohdy, Natasha & JayLynn, Bob's grandchildren. They have them and probably slept on them last night. Sweet dreams!

Some of the cookies are baked and the kolachki dough has to be mixed up so I can start baking them. So labor intensive and so good. Thanks to my friend Ruth W. for the recipe.

We've had snow, sleet and rain the past few days.

I'm off to the post office to get more stamps and mail Christmas cards. I do enjoy this season.

The Campfire Girls are coming on Saturday for lunch and cards and other games. We met at Jeanie's house in Lisle on the 5th, along with the Lavens girls. These four girls have been married for many years but they will forever be known to us as the Lavens Girls. Two joined us at Jeanie's, Darla and Donna Lee.

The top two pictures are of us that day. In the first picture, left to right, myself, Jeanie, Ella Mae, JoAnne, Darla at back, June and Donna Lee. Second picture, Lois Ann is at far right. After all, somebody has to take the picture.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Musings

Thinking about what to do first today. Campfire Girls and some of the Lavens Girls are meeting at Jeanie's home in Lisle today. It's a dish to pass meal. Jeanie is making ham and scalloped potatoes. Lois Ann is doing the green bean casserole. (I made that for quilt guild Thursday night and had just enough left over for a serving for myself last night.)

Somebody made the corn casserole which uses corn muffin mix. I like Paula Deen's recipe from her The Lady, and Sons, too! cookbook.

Guess my first move is a quick trip to the store. As that chain is open 24 hours, I can get dressed and drive there soon, after I have coffee.
Need to wrap several gifts for our birthday girls. JoAnne and Donna Lee had their birthdays recently & Lois Ann will be 39 again on the 10th. (or is it the 11th)
The pictures are of Lois Ann in pink, JoAnne with long hair & Donna Lee contemplating.

Happy 44th anniversary today to my sister and brother in law Dody and Joe Gage.
On the 19th the Campfire Girls are coming here for lunch and games. We play cards and a number of other games, Mexican Train dominos, Rummikub, Skip Bo, LCR, just to mention a few.
Bob had a call from the VA regarding his CT scan a couple weeks ago, telling him everything was alright. The CT scan was to check on the stent he had put in back in 2007 for an AAA. That's good to hear for both of us especially since I dread driving up Rt. 81 to Syracuse in winter.
My son told me "Mom, don't you know that if you drive Rt. 81 to Syracuse in fog, rain or snow, you qualify to drive a stockcar at Skyline Speedway at Blodgetts Mills." I told him to get my car number ready. I qualified.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


On Black Friday Michelle and myself went to Skaneateles for the Dickens Christmas, shopping and lunch. On the way we stopped at Patchwork Plus on Rt. 20 east of the village.
As usual their yarn selection was wonderful and the fabrics were ..... words can't describe them.
Patchwork Plus was a featured shop in Quilt Sampler magazine in the spring of 2009. Their basket quilt which is in the magazine is hanging on their wall.
We had lunch at the Bluewater Grill, shopped til we dropped and then stopped for a latte before leaving town.
It's been a sad week with my friend Debbie losing her mother to lung cancer and her dog Abby to liver cancer. Another friend Millie lost her mother this past week too. This morning I found out that Jackey was flying from MO to MA because her mother passed away yesterday. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you. Debbie and Jackey are part of our Lancaster quilt show group. Millie is also a quilter who lives nearby.
Our Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. Michelle helped me cook for seven family members. The granddaughters and their husbands came by a bit later for dessert of pumpkin and apple pies. We still had leftovers. There is a container of broth and bits of turkey in the freezer waiting for a cold day to become soup. The leftover turkey (I cooked a 21 lb. turkey) is in the freezer too. The scalloped oysters didn't last long. Bob liked that and said that was what his mother made for dressing. Jack declared that my dressing was the best ever. I listened to the quilt chat girls and made the dressing early and let the flavors soak into the bread.
Now to get at the Christmas shopping. Some of my decorations are out including a small tree in the kitchen. When I went to change the door wreath, the autumn wreath was missing. Bob finally found it under the shrubs by the end apartment. We'd had a hard wind the night before. I found a neighbor's door mat in the lawn and put it in front of a door. I hope it was the right door.