Thursday, February 26, 2009

Campfire Girls meetiing today


As you can see,

we are the




Here's Jeanie, Pat and June facing us and Ma and Lois Ann with their backs to us doing what we do best, eating and playing cards. We were up at camp in St. Lawrence County in August 2007 when this picture was taken. There were nine of us there that week including the three Lavens girls, Darla, Dennise and Donna Lee and myself.

We try to meet several times a month at one of our homes. Lunch, card playing and show and tell is the agenda.

Ma (Wanda Lidell) left us at age 93 on September 2, 2008. We all loved her and miss her so much. Jeanie and Pat are her daughters.

Pat is married to my cousin Chuck. They moved from Marathon, NY to Arkansas a few years back.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just an old Sew & Sew


Here's my finished Hexagon Table Toppers. The first is about 20" across and directions were followed. The next one in pastels was done with a folded border and a regular border. The last one is made from 4 of my Mindless Blocks. I bordered that one with black. There seemed to be enough chaos in the center. The biggest HTT is on the kitchen table. I could put the ivy in the center.
Speaking of ivy plants, this is the first one I've successfully raised. I tried to keep one living when I was working but after buying several I gave it up as a bad job. People would come to town hall and tell me "Your ivy is beautiful." I didn't tell them it was silk. (A. C. Moore came to my rescue.)
Today I had a phone call from Bob's niece asking about the Goodrich genealogy. I emailed her a copy of what I had put together. I think she will enjoy reading it. Of course I found typos and a couple of errors after I emailed the attachment. Bob is the fourth generation in his family to be a mason, as I found from old census records. His great grandfather was a stone mason, his grandfather, father and Bob were all brick and stone masons.
It's nearly time for a car race so I'll go downstairs and take some handwork.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another good sewing day

Here's June and

her husband Sam.

June showed us

how to make

the Hexagon

Table Topper.

She created a monster when she taught me. I have one completely finished and 3 tops done. Two of them were done thinking outside the box. Fun and easy. Thanks, June.

Sam has surgery on March 5th for a blocked carotid artery. Please say a prayer for both of them.

We had about 2" of snow yesterday afternoon and evening. Today we had snow showers and some high winds. It seems good to have longer days as spring approaches.

Yesterday the Campfire Girls went to Quilted Crow, a shop in Sanitaria Springs. Then they came here and we had a light lunch and did show & tell. Afterwards we played a couple games of Rummikub. Ella Mae beat the pants off all of us. A quick trip to the clothing bank ended our afternoon together. I dropped off a bag and found some clothing for Bob's grandchildren. And I even brought home a Disney beach chair for one of the little ones.

Today was a good sewing day. The top of a table runner for Bob's coffee table is done. Tomorrow I hope to layer the 3 HTTs and the table runner. Then I'll take more pictures and post.

Macaroni and cheese made from Jeanie's recipe is in the oven.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And the last shall be first!!!!

I keep forgetting that I should load the last picture I want to show first. The bottom picture is of my first hexagon table topper completed. The second picture shows the trimming of the first border. And finally the first picture shows the trimming of the first four pieces of the border. Campfire Girl June demonstrated this easy little table topper (which measures about 20" across) at our lunch get together on Wednesday.
Good news last week. Bob went to the VA at Syracuse for a checkup on the carotid artery surgery last September. He is doing great and doesn't go back until October & November for next checkups on his three surgeries, quadruple bypass, AAA stent and carotid artery. It will be wonderful not to drive up Rt. 81 in bad weather.
Bob left me a box of candy and a beautiful Valentine's Day card on the table this morning. He has a knack for picking out cards that bring tears to my eyes.
Today I'm going to relax and knit more of my scarf while I watch several cooking programs.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's a cold, cold world!

Temperatures still hover near zero here in the mornings. Warming up this weekend we hear. Warm will be welcome.

Last Sunday it was 51 degrees when I left Super Sew Sunday for Chenango Piecemakers in Norwich at 3:30 p.m. What a lot of beautiful charity quilts were finished that day. It takes a combined effort of many to put them together.

On the way home yesterday from the VA at Syracuse we stopped in Cortland at JoAnn Fabrics. I purchased a heart yo yo maker. Will play with it today when I'm not sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose.

Yes, the cold bug hit me the other day. I'm in my jammies and have spent the morning mostly in bed. Knit a couple rows on a scarf. At rate I'm progressing, it will be ready to wear next winter.

Last night I didn't feel generous so I stayed home from guild meeting. They'll thank me for that. I think I was in bed about the time the meeting started.

Triangle Guild sent about 40 quilts to Broome Developmental just before Christmas. We received a beautiful letter which was published in our January-February newsletter. Thanks to all members for sewing blocks and assembling the quilts.

Back to bed. Germs go away, Chris wants to play.